Holidays already?


Last friday I had the opportunity to attend a Greenhouse & Winter Growing workshop hosted by my org (New Entry Sustainable Farming Project). I also videotaped this class. The idea is to capture more of the on-going workshops and seminars that are given through NESFP. I am testing the capacity of the Mac that I use for work. It appears to be slow on converting long videos for web posting. As a time management technique, I have started converting files overnight. The VHS library has successfully been converted to DVD for preservation and lending library expansion. We decided to use Vimeo as a video hosting site. I like Vimeo because it looks fantastic (compared to my opinion). We will still use Youtube for exposure, and Vimeo for hosting and posting. The "farmer to farmer" moments have been postponed for the time being..mainly because it has been difficult to find farmers who are also interested in talking on camera about their successes and misgivings. We have one captured, which will suffice for now. We plan on capturing more in 2010. Also, we will be hiring a graphic designer to help polish the Workshops. These videos will have diagrams and simple animations to help explain some farming processes. We are researching video host sites that will allow us to host secure video content..content that will only be accessed by paying students through distance learning. Any insight into this topic would be helpful. Also, I am booked for NTEN in April! That is my update. A final thought on 2009.. Volunteering full-time is rewarding and challenging.. I feel that I am contributing to the capacity of my org. Happy Holidays!

Comment from Bill Brown on December 21, 2009 - 5:33pm

great post. Vimeo is awesome.

Comment from John Dorman on December 23, 2009 - 4:58pm

update: Trying out for hosting long format videos..hopefully this will solve a big problem for us. Vimeo has a cap..but still looks amazing! We could upgrade to a Vimeo Plus account, but looks appears to have no limit for free (i'm going to test this theory for sure).