Spring Forward :)


Where to begin? Well I am much better since my last field report. I have come to peace with my work and have come to accept that I just need to take it one step at a time without pressuring myself all the time. It has worked so far. :)

Currently I am still working with the Club Leaders, making new weekly lessons for the after school programs. We are also partnering with our local rape crisis center and they are giving us a free training on how to deal with difficult situations like risky behavior and dangerous situations. Since we deal with girls we face a lot of these challenges. The girls so far have learned how to make their own audio production and are moving into film making activities. They are going to create a talk show, a telenovela (Mexican soap opera) and a parody on American Next Top Model. That should be fun!

During Spring Break we had a spring break camp for teen girls in where they came in and had hands on activities using photography, radio production and filmmaking. They wrote and directed a novela and even edited the film. You can check it out here: Dos Mujeres. It's hilarious! The cool thing is that the girls got into it and they had guest speakers from many communication fields that inspired them.

There's a lot of fun stuff happening with the girls and even here at the office. My boss makes every intern get a mylatinitas profile (our social network) and write daily blogs and I refused to for a while. I had many ideas but I don't consider myself much of a blogger. I was convinced and now I am part of a Blog Series . Two blog series to be exact. One is called Living in a Virtual World where I blog weekly about how now we live pretty much virtually, from texting to checking your Farmville 90 times a day. My monthly blog is called Immigration 101 and it's just something I am passionate about and it's more of an awareness blog on immigrant issues and how they live in the shadows. So check it out and let me know what you think!