Month Eight: The BTOP Shuffle


March was crazy. LTSC had applied as a partner with a bunch of other California organizations for funding on the first round of BTOP, a federal grant for developing broadband access. First, we found out that we didn't get the first round grant; then, we learned we were being dropped from the partnership. So, we decided to apply on our own for the next round, which meant the beginning of March was pretty much non-stop grant writing and cranking out a 50-page application in about a week and a half. We probably won't get this second round, but it was worth a try.

Now that the application has been submitted, I've gone back to the networking and training of residents. I've recruited a few residents to become "Network Representatives." Starting next week, they'll be learning about the free internet at their building, how to fix it, etc. They'll also be learning how to teach their fellow residents how to log on, how to troubleshoot, etc. Hoping to recruit more volunteers so every building has two representatives.

Have also been trying to stabilize the free wifi at this building. So far, it has involved frankensteining some equipment, some soldering, and a lot of dragging ethernet cable through bird shit. :)

Hope everyone is doing well as we approach the final few months...