Month Ten: Digital Divide / Budget Gap


Most of these past few weeks have been about grant writing and grant research. The hope is that we can get enough grant money to sustain our community technology program through this year and then develop more sustainable programs.

In the next month, I hope to focus more on putting together a business plan for more sustainable income. I also hope to work more on fundraisers. I'm not sure that holding huge fundraisers is the only option; I know we are way way way in the hole, but I think small fundraisers might be more realistic and would go toward building awareness of our tech/media programs as well. What are the "best" ways to fundraise? Is it more practical to do a bunch of small things or invest a lot in something "big?"

Other things... I've put some work into the community council website. It's not the visual overhaul I've been hoping for (maybe that'll happen later) but it does have a calendar and will now have a spot for press releases. This is important because the Little Tokyo Community Council has previously been unable to put forth "opinions" and viewpoints on key issues.

Looking forward to working on something besides grants. With our Digital Literacy teacher leaving, I might be working on more curriculum development and teaching digital media to seniors (yay!).