6 February


February has been full of implementation. We created a monthly guest lecture series to give real world examples and training to our youth media staff. So far we have had a graphic design consultant who used to work at a local TV station, and a senior photographer for Univision, we have more in the pipes from the local NPR affiliate to web designers, post production houses and media creators. We are using it for three current benefits: new youth staff cultivation, strategic partnerships with potential partners and, as stated before, training current youth staff with real world case studies and activities. Because of the low attendance for the first two events we are changing the date to see if a day/ time change will increase attendance.

To help organize the speakers we have asked for names, experience, interactive activities, and current employment. Additionally, we've asked for a short bio from each to help with promotional flyers.

Additional projects include creating the Annual Report, updating the Letterhead (both of which should be completed in the next week) and meeting a 16k goal for summer programming, which has involved creating a sponsorship packet, a list of potential donors and cover letters to each of the businesses.

A future project will be creating a video for promotion of the after school programming we do and designing new business cards for staff.