June 2010 at the New Media Arts Center San Diego


Launch a new Media Arts Center in San Diego's North Park neighborhood incorporating current programming and a new media store, lounge, and workshops.

Latest Happenings

The lease for the new facility is ready to be signed! While the Executive Director was on vacation, I negotiated a 10 year lease with the new building owner for $1.00-$1.20 per sq. ft. for the duration of the lease! Mission Accomplished! This will be my legacy for the New Media Arts Center San Diego.


The big challenge will be securing the redevelopment funds from the City of San Diego for the project.


I have prepared the written proposal and the Powerpoint presentation for the August 10th meeting of the redevelopment committee.

Looking Forward

My attention now will focus on scheduling contractors for site visits and obtaining bids to complete the budget for the redevelopment committee.