July 2010 at the New Media Arts Center


Estabish the New Media Arts Center in a new facility.

Latest Happenings

I got the lease negotiated and signed. I've been very busy scheduling the general contractor and all of the sub-contractors and doing site visits and walk-throughs to get estimates on all of the work that has to be done. Also, I did some refining of the proposal and Powerpoint for the presentation to the city Redevelopment Committee on August 10.


The big challenge will be to organize the move to the new facility and to start basic operations while the remodeling is taking place.


I have briefed the Executive Director on all of the contacts and resources that I have developed to facilitate the move and remodeling of the new facility. I placed most of this information on the organization's server files.

Looking Forward

My job is done. I have accomplished what I came to do. I have left the organization with the legacy of a New Media Arts Center which will allow the organization to grow and prosper. I am proud to say that I am leaving the organization better than I found it.