Passing the DASCorps torch at CMAP

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My first week at CAMP has flown by! I am living in Santa Cruz and commuting over to Gilroy (which, yes, occasionally smells like garlic or onions)with Kathy, the Executive Director. My first day at the office was pretty standard, except for one large snafu. I was walking through the Master Control room and there was a dying ivy sitting in a pot next to the sink. One thing I learned at our DASCorps orientation was to be proactive, so I took it upon myself to water it. While I was giving it a good soaking, one of the women I work worth came into the room and yelled, "You shouldn't be doing that!!". It turns out another woman I work with is a master gardener and the ivy was going through a "dry cycle" that I was quickly putting an end to. Oops.

John Haffner, my DASCorps predecessor at CMAP, has been around the office my first week to help orient me to my new job, the organization, and the communities I will be working with (not directly, don't worry). He also gives me the skinny on office politics, tried to show the the feral chickens running around San Juan Batista (one of the communities we work with), and takes me out to lunch. I feel very fortunate that I am coming into a project that is in its second phase. I am able to hit the ground running with clear action items, milestones, and goals. My main task this week was to draft an introductory email to send to the EDs at the seven collaborating organizations as well as create a survey for them to take in order for me to get to know them and better understand their goals for this project. I sent both documents out today and have a great feeling of accomplishment. I also set up my voicemail account, so if any of you want to call and leave me a message, the number is 408-846-4983 x 8.

Other than that, not much to report. I'm thinking about redecorating this office. I'm thinking posters with kittens. You know the one where the kitten is hanging from the branch and it kind of looks like it's doing pull ups with the caption "Hang in there"? That would be perfect.

The photos I have included are: 1. The CMAP logo 2. John passing the "torch" (aka garlic stress relief ball") to me 3. A piece of spontaneous art on top of a garbage can overlooking the ocean

Over and out.

Comment from Philip Dahl on August 10, 2010 - 11:11pm

hmm a garlic stress ball? I wonder if it also smells too? Well Your altercation was definitely met with some stress but it seems like you're in good hands at that place. I'd like to see what everyone's office area looks like! I'm going to post a picture of where I work next time I post.