Brainstormed living on the stipend resources


This list was brainstormed by DASCorps members during the 2010 PSO.

Health and Wellness

  • Get a bike
    • Bikes not Bombs:
    • Boulder, CO has a community bicycle webpage with a comprehensive list of local bike shops
  • walk to work
  • ask about reduced rates at local YMCA
  • Peoples’ acupuncture
  • Aesthetician/Beauty school students offer reduced rates for massages, haircuts, facials, etc.
  • Dental schools students similarly offer reduced rates for services (sign up early)
  • Health food stores have on-site doctors who do consultations
  • P90X workout plan (share workout)
  • cheap prescription eyewear:
  • Planned Parenthood

Living Space

  • Share internet
  • Wireless extender (pigtail)
  • Free and cheap stuff
  • Time exchange
  • Community bulletin boards
  • Bulk trash nights
  • Thrift stores
  • Cinderblocks and wood furniture
  • Electric blanket
  • Heating co-op
  • Shrink-wrap windows
  • Heating bill budget plan
  • St. Vincent de Paul emergency aid for utilities


  • Garden, community garden
  • Volunteer for food (at farm, etc.)
  • Food not Bombs:
  • Farmers’ markets will often double food stamps
  • Cheap prices at farmers’ markets right before closing
  • Volunteer at co-op
  • Canning: Ball Blue Book of Canning
  • Befriend Starbucks employees
  • Health food stores on delivery day
  • Dumpster diving
  • Federal share program
  • Food banks (staff will also know other places to get cheap food)
  • Project Bread:
  • Buy with me:
  • Groupon:
  • Cheapeats
  • Potlucks
  • Canned foods
  • Fishing


Budget Ideas

  • Mint (free through Quicken):
  • Former VISTA has established doc template that VISTAS can access to create budget-related strategies