Programming at MACSD

Check out September programming Morgan and I have developed at MACSD. $15 for every 2-hour workshop, and free the first of every month:

Post any workshop ideas you'd like to see available to the public

We embedded a google calendar so we can update the workshops in one place. When it gets developed a bit better, we'll be able to connect all registration forms, events, and calendars within the site and social networks. Kintera, which is what's used to develop the site, is a nightmare to use. Its messy, scary, and frustrating.

I'm also developing a system for a working equipment room. It needs to be inventoried, categorized, and secure. This can be accomplished with a scanning system. I'm pretty excited to purchase a neat USB barcode scanner. Does your organization have a similar system set up?

All this work requires good organization and prioritization. I found a great program called Bento. It syncs up all of your data into one program and is very easy on the eyes. Does anyone currently use this or have other project/task software they prefer?

Kudos to Erica for creating more google groups. I hope we can connect within these and share a lot with each other!

I must leave to apply more aloe to my entirely sunburned body.

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