So whats happening in BGCEV now days?


Last weekend I took 3 members from the club to a different club in the East Valley conglomerate. The program that they were running was called St.R.U.T. or Students Recycling Used Technology. The members had a chance to learn about the internal workings of a computer. How they go together and how they work. Then they had the opportunity to take an operating computer apart and examine all the parts and then to put it back together. Once together they were given a monitor, keyboard, and a mouse. The kids then had to see if the computer would start up and if not then with the help of the Tech Team leaders they trouble shoot the problems. The best part of all is when they were done they got to take the computers home with them when they were done. I was also allows to take apart a computer and take it with me. I am going to give it away to one of the members who could really use the computer.

I have been working on getting some donations to get some more equipment for our lab. We have 14 computers but we need to update the RAM on the computers so that they do not crash every time we try to load a program. I really would like to get a set up to allow for us to play movies, music, presentation in the room as well. Something like a multimedia center. Some of the things in the room need to be moved around. I have a lot of work to do.