Helpful websites on best practices, volunteerism, and more!


Hey all,

Here are some resources that I hope you find useful!  The first site is more comprehensive, while the last three focus on volunteerism.  I have more resources related to other topics, but I'll save those for another day.  :)

ETR Associates Epicenter - This site, developed by the Corporation for National and Community Service, lists best practices for a variety of topics.  AmeriCorps members submit what worked for them, so their experiences are easy to relate to.  If you click on the AmeriCorps logo, you can search by topic area, such as Education, Human Needs, Program Management, and Volunteer Management to name a few.  I found it to be useful during my previous VISTA term when I wasn't sure where to start on a certain task.

Point of Light Foundation - Under the "Resources" tab, there are a variety of publications, examples, and tool kits for those managing volunteers.  The downside is that there's no easy way to search for something specific; the best way to find something is to sort the list alphabetically and hope to find what you're looking for that way if you don't have time to look through everything.  Lots of good resources, however.

Volunteer Today - Pretty much a one time visit to the website to subscribe, Volunteer Today is an electronic newsletter for people who manage volunteers.  Although generally not really indepth, it can be useful for those new to the task.

VolunteerMatch - This is an awesome website, used to find volunteer opportunities and volunteers.   It really speaks for itself, so if you're looking for volunteer opportunities in your community or are trying to recruit volunteers, check it out!