Video Distribution - Digital Media Group call 12/15


Just a note that we have our fourth CTC VISTA Digital Media group call on Friday December 12th at 2pm EST.  (Email Danielle for the call in #s.)

In an effort to make the calls more useful, we're going to focus on a topic and keep the individual updates to the first 15 minutes.  So any other CTC VISTAs that are interested in participating in a Video Distribution discussion, please call in!


  • QUICK Introductions for new VISTA, Daniel Chen (2pm)
  • QUICK Project news (Updates to, the Digest, etc) (2:10pm)

Discussion: Digital Video Distribution (2:15pm)

  • Video Blogging (Gariet?)
  • Other techniques?
  • Youth Video Sharing - Concerns for youth safety?
  • YouTube vs. Google Video vs.
  • Youth Video Exchange Network (2:30pm)-
    • (possible guest, Andrew from MNN)
    • Digital Bicycle / Torrents

Future discussion ideas?

(smaller groups?) (2:50pm)


  • Youth Development
  • Volunteer Recruitment/Management
  • MySpace as an organizing tool?
  • Media Literacy

Comment from danielle martin on December 15, 2006 - 4:04pm

As a little experiment, I'm going to post the notes as a comment here (12/15/06):

Attendees: Danielle, Jess, Gariet, Ray, Lashanda and guest: Andrew from MNN

Video Distribution Discussion

1. Compression

  • Gariet uses Final Cut Pro: H264 for Web Downloading (MPeg4), 300 kb per sec or 524, 10 MB for a 3 minute clip,
  • Andrew recommends MPEG Stream Clip - free compression software
  • CDS clips are working with clients who are older and they don't have time to cover distribution in their workshop

2. Andrew - guest speaker from MNN Youth Channel

  • they do media literacy trainings but also do programming for the channels in blocks (check out
  • they are not only trying to encourage other centers to share youth produced content and show youth there is an outlet for all the stuff they are making
  • National Youth Media Access Project (NYMAP)
  • - New site is trying to create a place with people with access to youth produced media that is broadcast quality video to share media for air on public access centers; also includes profiles and resources for technical help and making video with youth.
  • for CTC VISTAs not working at public access centers, they could really tap into local resources at their local PEG access station as a way to distribute and motivate youth

More links to video resources at

Next call topic - Youth Development....why teach youth how to make media? (January 19th? during next PSO)