Unnecessary (?) adventures - Part II


I thought I’d share the final results of my adventures in case anyone was interested.  It helps to know what happened first before reading this Part II, so click here to get caught up before continuing. Ready?  Okay…

From work, we (we being Corey & I) left to go back to the first place that we tried in hopes of finding the new location of the clinic.  Upon approaching the door to the place, Corey noticed that the suite number was 150.  Hmmm…150 is supposed to be the suite number for the place I’m looking for.  105 is the suite number for the children’s clinic.  So we think maybe the numbers got swapped and search unsuccessfully for suite 105.  Seven Corners needs to update their search tool.  I ask the receptionist (a different one this time) about it again, who also asks me how old I am, and later recommends that I try the place I was sent the previous day (stop #2).  What to do, what to do… 

I try calling the number that I have for this mystery clinic and finally get through to someone to ask where exactly they are located.  I find out that the clinic we’ve been searching for the whole time is the children’s clinic…the two clinics that I thought were separate are the same place! 

Since I’m not willing to drive almost 30 miles one-way, I decide that it’s time for my last resort.  Time to hit up the hospital emergency room.  Lucky for me, there’s one with-in walking distance only a block from the apartment, so it was easy enough to find.  Not only is it the smallest ER that I’ve seen, but it’s also the most crowded.  I prepare myself for a long night of waiting, reading A Wrinkle in Time to pass the time until I finally get to see a doctor and get my prescription!  Almost four hours later, I leave the hospital, swing by CVS (fortunately also within a block), and head home to get some much needed rest. 

Now I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t get some outrageous bill in the mail for my visit in the near future.  That would really be the icing on the cake in this chapter of my life story.

Comment from danielle martin on January 5, 2007 - 9:59am

Hi Laura,

#1 - I hope your feeling better.

#2 - I didn't want you to feel like no one was reading your medical adventures but I don't have much advice for you except, yes, your life would have been much easier if you had "been prepared" and found a doctor when you first got to CA and not wait until you got sick. I found a primary care doctor that does hours at a drop in-clinic, as well as regular appt's so I've never had a problem. This is pretty much true for any job/health "benefts".

When I asked around Project HQ the only advice would have been to show up at the ER and declare you have no insurance - depending on the state, you sometimes get better coverage that way than if you tell them about Seven Corners. Isn't Mike Denegal (former VISTA Leader) still around to ask advice?

Other than all your medical drama, how's life at work? I'd love to hear about what y'all are working on at Pangea....