Drupal and HTMLing


On the first week with DANEnet, and now I'm relearning everything I once knew about HTML and then some!  I'm also going to be administrating some sites using Drupal, so if anyone here uses Drupal and would be a good resource, it would be great if I could throw questions at you if I needed it!

 And I have my meeting for food stamps on February 7th!

 Also, to clarify, is there NO CTC conference this year?  And what are the exact dates of the NTEN conference in DC?  Let me know, thanks!

Comment from cheryl jerozal on January 25, 2007 - 6:33pm

yes, no ctcnet conference this year. the nten conference is on apr 4-6. more info here: http://www.nten.org/ntc

Comment from danielle martin on January 26, 2007 - 3:05pm

Hey Catherine,

Of course, Ben Sheldon's doing the Drupal.

Also, our guest blogger this month, former VISTA Morgan Sully is also doin the Drupal.

And, Rebecca White, current CTC VISTA is doin the Drupal.

Both Aliya and Ben will know more than I...


Comment from Ben Sheldon on January 26, 2007 - 5:41pm

Brittney Fosbrook in San Francisco and also Jessie Rothschuh in LA. John Miller in Lowell as well might have some answers.

Basically, ask away your questions and we'll try to help.

Also, I'm trying to set up a strictly Drupal conference call, which when it happens, you should definitely join.