What is going on at Cyber Y?


I think that I have just gotten over my first hump in introducing myself and what my role is in the organization, now it is time for action.

Here at the Cyber Y computer lab we just hired an intern to help maintain the computers and printers and also help with children when programs are running.

We are trying to set up a successful "open access" time. We want to find good ways to advertise to the community that we have open access and also we are looking for good surveys to give to the community to understand what they need and want out of the open access time. Because we would like to set up computer literacy classes for grown-ups and or seniors citizens.

So, for the little kiddies after school i am working on implementing a program called Kinetic City. This children's computer program is an entertaining way to learn standards-based science. It is the ideal combination of technology and hands-on collaboration. Basically, kids learn reading, writing, and basic computer skills along with a little science thrown in. First though, i need to learn the curriculums and train the existing staff at the YMCA to promote capacity building. Then i will have groups of kids that will go through the program through out the year.

M y next big goal is to set up a youth media program during spring and summer for teens. Got lots of ideas. I'm thinking media literacy and media production for girl teens.