First Quarterly Volunteer Tutor Mini-Conference

Our first quarterly Volunteer Tutor Mini-Conference will be held this week as a final preparation for the second session of Computer training for this year.

So far, we have recruited two additional volunteer tutors, and have added another Basic level computer training class.

These first few months have been very busy but productive.

If anyone has additionial information concerning recruiting of volunteers and students as well as sites for interactive tutorials let me know.

I did find this mousing exercise for beginning computer students. It's interactive and when the learner completes it, they receive a certificate. It's fun and helps them with mousing skills. 

Other links to interactive websites will be added soon. I hope to see everyone at the NTEN Conference.


Lastly, we are looking to form a Committee consisting of myself, my supervisor and a couple of volunteers from our training program. This committee will consider the needs of our adult learners, as well as that of our Computer Technology Learning Center itself. If anyone has experience in forming such a committee, your input would be greatly appreciated.