Outreach & Wiki at Project HQ - Quite the change!

As I sit at my new desk at CTC VISTA Project Headquarters at UMass Boston - it occurred to me - wow. I bet none of the other VISTAs know that I am here!

I said goodbye to Project: Think Different on Friday, March 2. I said HELLO! to Project HQ on Monday, March 5.

I am helping with outreach and building the wiki on ctcvista.org. I am still trying to get used to the huge change of venues - Project HQ is extremely different from Project: Think Different.

I REALLY want to do a good job here. Today I am researching the following alliances/associations to find good potential sites for the lovely VISTAs coming in June to work -

So far, all amazing resources. I am having trouble finding the membership directories on some of them. I'll continue working on it!

As a more complete goodbye - here is an ode to PTD. I'll miss you!


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Comment from William Martin on April 2, 2007 - 12:07pm

 Your absolutly correct Colleen  I had no Idea you were at project head quarters. Congratulations on the move and I'm sure you will do a fantastic job there. I hope to see you at the area meeting.

William B. Martin


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