Interesting new Google Tool


I recently heard about this new tool that Google offers through its Maps page. Basically, the tool connects you via phone (for free!) to any business you search for on Google Maps. This works for long distance or local calls. It could be of great use to non-profits trying to save a little money, if you're at a phone that does not allow calls outside a certain area, or even if you're at a pay phone.

So, here's how it works:

1) Navigate to Google Maps.

2) Under the search text box, click on the link for "Find businesses."

3) Type in the name of the business in the first box and an approximate location in the second box. Then search. You should get a result similar to below (I searched for my org., the Pangea Foundation, in San Diego):

4) Once here, there are two places you can select "Call" - in the left side listing or in the little pop-up on the map. The following screen appears when "Call" is selected:

5) Now, you enter whatever phone number you want to use to call the business (i.e., your cell phone, office phone, pay phone, etc.) and click "Connect for free." Google will immediately call you (the number you just provided). As soon as you answer you will hear ringing as you are connected (for free!) to the business you wanted to call. (If you are using a cell phone, you will still be using your minutes, but otherwise there are no fees.)

6) In the picture, this is the link for the Learn More option.

Hope that's useful to someone!