I am in Boston for the first time for the CTC VISTA PSO. It's beautiful here!

I am from Jackson, Tennessee (a small city between Nashville and Memphis) which is also where I will be serving.  On Monday, September 11,  I will start my service as a CTC VISTA at the STAR Center. The STAR Center serves people with disabilties and has a large scope of services.  They do everything from teaching people with disabilities how to use computers to personal assistance in private households.  My job title as a CTC VISTA is "Volunteer Coordinator".  I will be responsible for recruiting in-house volunteers for an adult literacy lab and other various things.  I will also be recruiting volunteers for fund-raising and other large, once-yearly events.  During my "spare time" (ha! ha!) I will be helping to establish a loan program for all different types of assistive technology.

The PSO has been great so far, and I am really looking forward to my year of service!