I hope this is a blog


hey everyone, its been a while. I think i start every blog with "its been a while since i wrote a blog" haha. well i'm a busy man. It's not easy working full time, making such a large sum of money and trying to find places to spend it all. HEY i think the greatest thing i did this year was go to the Sundance film festival. i met a funder from Adobe and spoke to him, showed him some stuff from Reel Works. a couple of months later he invited us to apply for a fifty thousand dollar grant. i'm still crossing my fingers. we should hear the news this month. another cool thing i've been doing is helping kids make movies. I've helped produced about twenty short films this year. I think. Well some are still in the works. regardless show us some love at listenup.org. A few of our films are in a contest for cool prizes, including mine. please write a review and rate our movies. (especially mine) it would be much apreciated. here's the link. Mine is called "The Beginning" i wrote and shot it, in one day. its cool i guess.