CTC VISTA - End of Service Audio Map!

I am so excited - an idea I had back in April at the NTEN Conference has finally come to fruition!!!

For the past two weeks, I have been trying to get a hold of VISTAs who are ending their service this week and conducting and editing exit interviews. Editing the interviews down from over 10 minutes or so each to 30 seconds wasn't the easiest thing in the world, but I am happy with the results. Click the map below to check out the wise words of the VISTAs who are moving on to bigger and (maybe) better! Also, I have included the process by which I did this C.O.T.C. - style. (Creation on the Cheap!)

C.O.T.C. Info -

  • To make calls - used "SkypeOut" - it is only $30 for a year of calls! Wow!
  • To record said calls - used Pamela - FREE!
  • To edit the mp3 that is exported from Pamela - Audacity - FREE and super easy audio editor.
  • Created the map with Google's MyMaps using Project HQ's Gmail account - FREE - while logged in to Google, go to maps.google.com and click on the MyMaps tab. Here's a helpful how-to: Google Maps User Guide

It's my last day as a CTC VISTA. Kinda crazy, actually. June 15 - TODAY - is my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of living in Boston. I got offered a job as a communications peep - a $25,500 RAISE from this year. Haha, not bad. Check me out at MLAC!

Bye bye VISTAs - I had a great time this year. When I have kids - I am forcing them to do AmeriCorps - that's how much I loved you!