Fundraising not so blues??


It is half way through our Summer Day Camp here in Tempe and we are super busy with kids here for 11 hours a day. I had to put my fundraising on hold for a bit. We were able to get 500 dollars, which I thought was my ceiling for my fundraising. It turned out to be more in the 700 dollar range. I got a new Computer Lab staff and he has being doing wonderfully with the kids. He has them building bridges with freeware software, shooting videos, learning about the environment, and all around just keeping the children engaged during a time of year which can be very hard. A couple of our teens attended a pilot program of ours called High Tech U. This is an oppurtunity for the kids to experiance some of the technology field with tours of local factories and learning hands on how to make silicon chips. It is an excellent opportunity for our teens to experiance some careers that might be available for them after they are finished with their education.

Comment from danielle martin on July 11, 2007 - 4:49pm

Hey Tony,

Sounds like you're surviving the summer well...but how are you surviving that AZ heat?

I'll be calling you soon!


Comment from Tony ORourke on July 12, 2007 - 3:30pm

Well on the 4th we hit 117. Is it sad to think of 105 as "not too bad"? I am going to be freezing when I go back home. We are just hitting monsoon season out here so the humidity increases from the 5-6% range into the 30-40 percent range which makes it very uncomfortable. I am not sure I could take another summer like this. I will be awaiting your call.