Welcome to D's new VISTA Leader blog!


Monkey Think Graffitti artThanks to the beauty of open source CMS and the CTC VISTA Project's ability to think forward, we have a new website that will not only be more exciting to read and easier to participate in.  As many of you know, my role is a changin' - I'll have the privilege of serving as VISTA leader for a second year of service.  I'll be at  Project headquarters two day a week (Mondays & Wednesdays to start) to keep the new resource portal afloat and active.  I also have a little mini-project a cookin' with some folks at the Alliance for Community Media to help support a new Digital Distribution Network of youth media content with folks from MNN in NYC and all over the country.  We're hoping to recruit a specific group of VISTAs to go into cable access stations develop youth programs and the use of peer-to-peer networks to share content.