Trying out Survey Services


A lot of the work at the CTC VISTA Project is getting information back from our VISTAs and their supervisors. I've been trying out two different Survey Services and I thought I would post some of my opinions on them.

Comment from Jack Waugh on January 23, 2008 - 2:59pm

So which tool did you end up using?

A quick note on usability


Am I the only one who doesn't necessarily always fill out online forms from top to bottom? The way some forms are designed makes it seem so.

For example, visit the free Basecamp account signup page. At the time of this blog post, if you fill in item 3 and then fill in item 2 with something different (and then click in a new field to have the change to item 2 "sink in"), what you have entered for item 3 is replaced.

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