Ooh, CTC VISTA word cloud!


I've been playing around with tag and word clouds lately. Clouds are basically interesting (and esthetically appealing, in my opinion) ways to visualize the prevalence of words. Words that are more prevalent show up larger/darker than more rare ones. Oftentimes you will see Tag Clouds which show how many posts there are in certain categories (we have one on the CTC VISTA Digest).

Comment from AJ McGuire on March 9, 2007 - 3:56pm

Its ON.



Screencast on Tagging


I just ran across a great screencast on tagging by Beth Kanter for NTEN.

Tagging Explained


Articles of Explanation

http://www.technorati.com/help/tags.html ->"Think of a tag as a simple category name. People can categorize their posts, photos, and links with any tag that makes sense."

http://learn.netsquared.org/getting-started-with-tagging/what-is-tagging -> "is the ability to assign topical keywords to a wide range of digital content, like photos, bookmarks (favourite web sites) and blog posts."