when transitional periods become the norm...


hello from san francisco. 

 it has been almost 3 weeks since my boss left and there is still no permanent new hire in sight.  currently, my ex-boss's niece is filling her position but i think it is only until the end of the year.  it is strange to automatically fill such a huge role in the organization.  i am now teaching a technology class to the community health workers on staff and going full speed ahead on website reworking.  everything is finally settling back down and the only huge obstacle is my lack of proficiency in spanish.  when i am the only person in the lab (which does happen often now) and a spanish speaker comes in i feel so useless.  my spanish skills, however, are rapidly improving. 

Comment from cheryl jerozal on November 16, 2006 - 12:40pm

my ex-supervisor left almost two months ago, so now i report to the executive director of our organization, who works in oregon. i am the only person in my office. sometimes it is difficult, but i think it is a good challenge and learning opportunity.

Comment from gariet cowin on November 16, 2006 - 2:42pm

Sounds like you are having a good time, for the most part. I wish I was meeting more people, and going to conferences and things like that. I can do without the vegan japanese food though.

Also...your bay area video coalition link is bad (it is missing the "http:/"). You should fix the link so that I can see what is so amazing about them (because I'm too lazy to type the url in myself).