What you missed out on


The CTC VISTA Project organizes its own Pre-Service Orientation (PSO), which sets it apart from the majority of AmeriCorps*VISTA programs. Most VISTAs outside the Project are oriented through a regional PSO which is run directly by the Corporation for National and Community Service; the format and dialogue of these PSOs are quite different from the CTC VISTA Project's.

While digging through my files I ran across the packet from the regional PSO I attended when I first signed up with VISTA two years ago; my first year with VISTA was outside the CTC VISTA Project. I thought I'd write a post about the experience.

Making it...


I have been wanting to say something about making it on low income.

One, I don't have any secret to doing so. But I aught to, I suppose.

I think I'm a bit different. A lot VISTA talk was about sacrificing by making such a low income for a year. I get the impression that for a lot of you, this is a big change. I, on the other hand, have hardly ever made more than I'm making now. And in fact, had been unemployed since June when I started my service in September.