My conference expereince and some classic blogging


well well. I went to a conference about 3 weeks ago now and haven't blogggged about it yet. So here it is with some other content thrown in.

I went up to East Lansing, MI (seems like an odd sorta town) for a conference. It was the Alliance for Community Media - Central States Region. It's basically a chance for all of the partcipating public, education, and government access stations from Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky to get together and hang out. The highlight of the weekend was the Philo T. Farnsworth Video Awards, awarded to the best public access programming the region. (some fun trivia, Philo is the inventor of television. the professor on Futurama is named after him and also the wierd tech guy in UHF.... if any one has even seen that).

Comment from Richard T. Anderson on December 7, 2006 - 12:09pm

"I found out how fricking amazing Grand Rapids Community Media Center and their executive director are. Absolutely incredible how far their outreach goes and their place in the community (good job Rich)."

Um, thanks for the kudos. I've worked hard to make this place freaking amazing! :D

Seriously, if I ran this place it would not have the out reach it has. I'm much too shy. lol.

I really will send you some DVD's. Soon! I just have to get to the darn post office. Someone slap me.



(I want to be able to single space).