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It’s that time again. Field REPORT!

CTCNet Conference


Does anyone know if there will be an annual CTCNET conference this year? I checked out their website and found two contradictory pieces of information.

One here that says there will be no conference due to strategic planning and one here that claims there is one and it shall be in LA in June/July. Talk about contradictory.

Comment from Paul Hansen on January 3, 2007 - 3:55pm

Carl the powers that be have confirmed that the conference is OFF. In the next few days I'll be sending out an email to VISTAs and supervisors about this since that was the default conference that all CTC VISTAs were expeceted to attend. We will be making the NTEN conference the conference of choice instead. But we are always open to alternatives if people find others that are more in line with their work and interests. --Paul

Comment from Carl Seifert on January 4, 2007 - 7:53pm

Paul or anybody,

As far as these conferences go, who exactly pays for them? Is it the responsibility of the sponsoring organization or does the Corporation pay for that?

I'm looking into going to NTEN and I need to know where my funding is coming from.


Carl Seifert

Comment from danielle martin on January 5, 2007 - 12:25pm

Hey Carl,

Yes, your org is supposed to cover you going to a conference (see Expectations page - http://www.ctcvista.org/expectations). It used to be the CTCNet conference, but now it's anyone that you think would be appropriate. We are going to try and organize groups of VISTAs going together to conferences - it all should be covered in your next monthly conference call. There will probably be more of the TANP VISTAs at NTEN but there should be a strong showing.


CTCNet's National Conference Recap


Pat, Shannon, and Danielle at the EmbassyBy Patricia Conrad-Wexler

Attendees of the CTCNET Conference in July 2006 arrived by many modes of transport but I and my director at Young Entrepreneurs Society, Tim, drove to Washington D.C. in a Toyota Prius. It was surely an economical way for a VISTA and the director of a nonprofit to show how folks can get by on almost no income!

CTCNet Conference Video


Check out the video of VISTAS at this summer's CTCNet Conference.