End of April at CMC


Haven't done a field report in a long time (again). The password to this thing always seems to get funky and then it gets put off until later. That's the best excuse I have at the moment.

Comment from Lee Goodrich on April 27, 2010 - 2:50pm

That's too bad that your RoR project isn't getting off the ground. I haven't used Ruby but I am currently teaching myself Django which is basically the Python equivalent and I'd love the opportunity (i.e. motivation) to work on an actual implementation.

Burning Man has low-income tickets!? Hmm, $160 isn't bad, but did you find any good deals for airfare? Timing could be better, considering that'll be around the time I should hopefully be starting a shiny-new, Post-VISTA job, but maybe I could postpone a few weeks to go to this...if I wasn't so broke as to need the job to pay for the trip. Oh, the cyclical dependency of my desires!

Comment from Colleen Beach on April 27, 2010 - 4:12pm

I thankfully don't have to worry about airfare. I have friends in the North Bay who go every year so I'm just hitching a ride with them. Otherwise I probably won't be able to afford it either.

The Januaries


This Month's Work

What is CiviCRM?


CiviCRM is actually a suite of tools based on the Drupal content management system. A bit tricky to set up (at first), but once configured and running it is VERY powerful. It allows NPOs to coordinate their efforts quite well and collects has good set of tools for this. Some key things it attends to is:



  • Volunteer coordination