The final paperwork: things to remember before you checkout


Following is a list things to keep in mind as you exit your year of service:

  1. Change of address (log into, update your profile)
  2. Education award (see
  3. Interested Accrual form (see
  4. References from program director, site supervisor, fellow AmeriCorps members, team leaders, VISTA leaders, and/or other community members if you want/need them
  5. Addresses and other contact information for fellow VISTAs finishing with Digital Arts Service Corps

Travel Home and Reimbursements:

VISTAs who originally relocated in order to serve a submit close-of-service paperwork, including a form that tells us about their travel plans. Based on this info, the Corporation sends out vouchers for mileage funds and reimbursable costs, and make travel arrangements as necessary.

The funds allocated for close of service are the same as their original relocation costs, without the $550 allowance. So, VISTAs who are finishing up get shipping allowances of $25/100 miles up to $500, and 48.5 cents per mile if they were approved to have use a personal vehicle as part of their service and brought their vehicle with them at the beginning of the year (i.e., no mileage reimbursement for anyone who may have bought a car during the service year). The Corporation also makes flight/Amtrak arrangements in accordance with the original method of travel.

VISTAs must return to the home of record the Corporation has on file (on your original AmeriCorps application) for them in order to be eligible for relocation funds – for example, we can't send someone to their campus location if they are going on to grad school. However, if someone wants to go to another location, or if they have decided to stay in their service location instead of returning home, they can request the cash equivalent of their airfare, which we would then add to their reimbursement voucher.

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