Tips on getting a job post DASCorps


How to talk about your DASCorps experience.

If you serve in AmeriCorps*VISTA, your experience can help you get hired by the federal government.

When you satisfactorily complete one full year of AmeriCorps*VISTA service, you earn non-competitive eligibility for federal government jobs. This means that a federal government hiring official may hire you without having to compete with the general public provided that you meet the minimum qualifications for the job. Non-Competitive eligibility does not mean that you are guaranteed a federal civil service job. You must locate an agency with a vacancy and interest that agency in hiring you. This benefit does not apply for other AmeriCorps programs.

To establish your non-competitive status, you'll need proof of eligibility. Once you've completed service, contact the AmeriCorpsVISTA Certifying Officer giving your full name (including names you may have used during service), Social Security Number, and dates of service. A letter will then be sent to you. Duplicate the letter and submit copies with your federal job applications. Please contact: AmeriCorpsVISTA Certifying Officer at

To look for federal government jobs in your area:

Be a VISTA Leader!

Call up the Transmission Project and ask about extending your time with the DASCorps as a VISTA Leader. (You get paid $200 more a month!)