Digital Distribution


So far, digital distribution (or digital delivery) discussions among CTC VISTAs have been focused on video sharing, mostly among cable access stations (such as the NYMAP or Digital Bicycle projects). With the explosion of video sharing sites such as YouTube, Google Video, and, the ability to share video content has become almost second-hand to young web users. Factor in the ease of peer-to-peer network technology and we have an environment where youth could certainly be sharing all sorts of their own digital content.

Inherent in this area too are stumbling blocks such as copyright (see Creative Commons), digital rights management, and loss of video quality.

How can CTC VISTAs tap into these trends and resources to support their efforts? Blog your ideas, lessons learned, and questions and tag it "digital distribution."

Here's some other topics identified at the PSO around this area:

-outreach to local community organizations to share content
-issues around distribution of youth content