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Dropping off the face of the vista-planet


It's recently come to my attention that I have disappeared from the face of the vista planet. So I have a small update.

Since March, this is what I have been doing at BNN:

- Taking inventory on new equipment

- Going and presenting our summer teen program at summer opprotunities fairs

- Learning how to use the new equipment

- Editing a BNN program called "Early Works" which is a compliation show of footage from recently trained producers

Comment from danielle martin on May 14, 2007 - 10:45am

We missed you on our lonely little VISTA planet ;) !


Some Examples of Digital Media Curricula Created by VISTAs


Here's some curricula and/or handouts created by VISTAs:

  • Shot Composition Packet (Media Bridges - Lauren)
  • MOSAIC, Digital video bootcamp (english high school) (HOME Inc - Kevin/AJ)
  • Digital Photography Course Packet (Media Bridges - Lauren Bratslavsky)
  • Media Literacy (Project Think Different - Colleen)
  • Basic Computer Skills (Shaneka)
  • PhotoBooth (Media Bridges - Lauren)
  • Digital Storytelling (Center for Digital Storytelling - Jessica)
  • ?? (Computers 4 Kids - Ray)
  • Video (Reelworks - Will)
  • After school Curriculum with a Radio Station (Lashanda)
  • Creating a Youth Online Radio Station (Pink House - Renae)
  • tips/forms for student project management

Also, here's some curricula used/recommended by VISTAs from other sources:

Need basic curricula templates/guides?

News from MNN/NYMAP Video Exchange


From the Youth Channel newsletter:

News from the NYMAP Video Exchange: Over the next few weeks, MNN Youth Channel and the other NYMAP (National Youth Media Access Partners) will be officially launching the new Youth Video Exchange website out to the world and bringing in new partners. The website is a networking hub for youth-serving community media centers and youth media sites, which aims to build the infrastructure to make better sharing of youth-produced media possible. The Core Partners in this project are: People TV in Atlanta, Grand Rapids Community Media Center, St. Paul Neighborhood Network, and Portland Community Media in Oregon. Check out the website , or email to learn more or to find out how you could get involved.

Digital Distribution


So far, digital distribution (or digital delivery) discussions among CTC VISTAs have been focused on video sharing, mostly among cable access stations (such as the NYMAP or Digital Bicycle projects). With the explosion of video sharing sites such as YouTube, Google Video, and, the ability to share video content has become almost second-hand to young web users. Factor in the ease of peer-to-peer network technology and we have an environment where youth could certainly be sharing all sorts of their own digital content.