Month Five: Can Has Networks?


Projects are mostly slowing to a pausing point as the holidays and a little offtime approaches. Am prepping donated computers for the upcoming computer literacy/computer adoption class and following up with the participants.

My supervisor is leaving sometime around the end of January, so things are a little tenuous.

The broadband over powerline (BPL)/open mesh network is up and running really well. The problem was isolated to the cable modem/ISP. I put a power timer on it, so that its power cycles late at night. So far, so good. The BPL network itself has not had any problems except for a little bit of interference. Check it out:

I also redeployed a network. We converted from Meraki brand to Open Mesh brand at Angelina Apartments, with the hope that usage tracking will be easier (not to mention that the new units should have fewer outages and better range). It's far.

My organization recently switched to gmail for their internal mail, so I've been setting up some google sites as document repositories for wireless/community broadband docs and forms that didn't seem relevant to the more public wiki.

Hope everyone enjoys these last few days of 2009!