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Month Five: Can Has Networks?


Projects are mostly slowing to a pausing point as the holidays and a little offtime approaches. Am prepping donated computers for the upcoming computer literacy/computer adoption class and following up with the participants.

My supervisor is leaving sometime around the end of January, so things are a little tenuous.

Month Four: BPL Network Deployed (Crash and Burn), Sustainability


This past Saturday, the wifi network that is a lovechild between the brutish broadband over powerline adapters and the delicate, flighty open mesh routers was deployed. And like any unholy demonspawn, the birth was painful. It seemed to be working for an hour, but it promptly went out right as we were leaving.

MuniWireless and Community Wireless


In late October, I flew out to San Jose to attend the MuniWireless '07 Silicon Valley conference. As a VISTA I run a project that provides free wireless Internet access to low-income residents of subsidized housing in Boston's South End neighborhood.

Comment from Morgan Sully on November 7, 2007 - 10:20pm

Hey Gabriel,
Morgan here from NAMAC. this is a great write up of your experiences at the MuniWireless conference. Do you have any pictures to accompany your post? are there any links to some of the reports you mention?

When I was a VISTA the San Diego community technology coalition, I compiled some reports on the digital divide and municipal broadband.

You can view the reports here:

In the meantime, would you be interested in submitting your field report to either NAMAC or the next VISTA newsletter (or both)?

I think some accompanying pictures could be helpful for illustrating a bit of what you're talking about too.

Comment from Gabriel Fishman on November 7, 2007 - 11:07pm

Thanks for the compliment.

I'd be happy to submit it to either NAMAC or CTC VISTA, or both, whichever you think is appropriate. I didn't take any photos at the conference, but I'm sure that I can find appropriate pictures or graphics to illustrate. I didn't really know how to footnote the blog post, so I didn't bother, but I can definitely do that for publication.

Just let me know what the process and the deadline is.

Best Practices in Innovation and Sustainability for Community Wireless Projects


The attached presentation contains best practices on community wireless projects as well as some case studies on successful projects that have already launched.