Month Seven: DIY Productions!


Field Report Image

Long time no field report. In the past few months, there has been a lot of progress and change. Tiffany is our new and awesome VISTA, and with her added support, DIY Media (a program to train youth in documentary filmmaking, social media, etc) has launched. I've been working with her and staff to develop the curriculum for this project.

We're also moving along with DIY Productions. As we build our base of creative and motivated teens through the DIY Media program, we hope to draw from this pool and build a social enterprise where teens make media for non-profits. I made a promo that will become one in our portfolio of films to show potential clients. You can view it here:

I've also been working on a website for DIYP. There was a little hiccup where we had disagreement on colors/design (of course, after building out the whole site...yarrgh) but I think it's now settled and we're running with the attached mockup.

Moving forward, I surveyed residents at one of our low income housing buildings and it seems that most are very pro-internet and don't want us to cut it off... so these results could support an effort to raise capital for wired internet at our buildings... I'm not sure it's feasible to do this in the remaining months, but we'll see. It will be difficult to get organizational support for what could be a lengthy and expensive project. But given that most of the residents surveyed cannot afford internet service and yet use and need it...well... I think it'd be worth it!

Comment from Bill Brown on February 17, 2011 - 3:54pm

I think it would be worth it as well! FYI I posted your promo video and the web design mock-up on the Transmission Project's resources page.