CTC VISTAs Can Share! - Digital Media Toolkit


As a little plug that collaborations and resources sharing is acutally possible among CTC VISTAs, I thought I'd post up something cool that happened last year.

Morgan Sully, developed an open DIY Digital Media Toolkit/CD-ROM, with a simple HTML start page and links to resources and free software (usually distributed on CD) to bring to sessions he did in his work with The San Diego Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender Community Center.

He put it up on his blog and posted it to the Digital Media discussion list (and Nettrice posted it to the old portal), and opened it up for folks to take and customize for their own work.

RoxanneIn response, Roxanne Johnson, built upon it and compiled her own toolkit to train her AmeriCorps volunteers and youth at the Twin Cities C-CAN/CTEP Project in MN.

Cool, huh?