Foodstamps and Social Services


As a VISTA, you should be eligible for food stamps. ''Food stamps and many other social services (especially child care) cannot be taken away from you if you obtain them before becoming a VISTA.'' All prior federal assistance is unaffected upon becoming an AmeriCorps*VISTA.

Free NYTimes Select this week!


Exciting news! From Nov. 6-12 on the New York Times website the Times Select content which normally you have to pay for will be free. Yay! This includes some of the more popular Op/Ed columns and also some video clips. I think it  also includes some access to the archive but I haven't checked that out yet. 

Free Food Alert!!!


Hey Everybody!

I just wanted to tell you all about this fun/free Halloween opportunity. I did it last year and it was a total blast. Basically, at Chipotle (really good burritos - is it only a West Coast chain?) if you dress like any of their menu items (using tinfoil) on Halloween, they'll give you a free burrito!!! My friends and I misunderstood and just dressed in tinfoil - Chip n' Dale dancer, Jailbird, Angel, Baby, etc. It was way fun and funny. Plus, what cheaper costume can you get than a roll of tinfoil? Anyway, hope everyone is doing well. Happy Halloween! 

CTC VISTAs Can Share! - Digital Media Toolkit


As a little plug that collaborations and resources sharing is acutally possible among CTC VISTAs, I thought I'd post up something cool that happened last year.

Morgan Sully, developed an open DIY Digital Media Toolkit/CD-ROM, with a simple HTML start page and links to resources and free software (usually distributed on CD) to bring to sessions he did in his work with The San Diego Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender Community Center.

Do-It-Yourself Digital Media Toolkit


DIY Digital Media Toolkit ScreenshotInspired by the cool CD, CTC VISTA Morgan Sully (SDTC / Digital Media Project) created a DIY Digital Media Toolkit/CD-ROM. This cross-platform CD includes a small collection of free creative tools/software for users to manipulate images, record sound and upload/share their media. Morgan notes the tools can be used on their own or with the tutorial and resource links, including iMovie and Windows Movie Maker (for assembling projects). In this web-based version of Morgan's toolkit you cannot install the software but he provided helpful links below.

Comment from Morgan Sully on June 20, 2007 - 11:49am

I'm currently developing an updated version of this which I'll put in the wiki and also notify people of...

Free Digital Media Tools


DIY Digital Media Toolkit ScreenshotMany CTC VISTAs are challenged to develop curriculum for new digital media programs with both adults and youth, most on limited software and hardware budgets.

For instance, in 2005 VISTA Morgan Sully developed a Do-It-Yourself Media Toolkit to work with classes at SDTC / Digital Media Project in San Diego, using only a simple HTML start page and free tools.