A Simple Reminder


A local organization here in San Diego, called Nonprofit Management Solutions, offers management and technology consulting, training, and information resources to nonprofit organizations. On Tuesday I attended a workshop on Customer Service Skills. Most of the concepts we covered were common sense and things I had heard before, but it always helps to be refreshed. One of my favorite things that I took away from the workshop was the idea to create a clear vision of your organizations goals, if they do not already exist. Then you are supposed to read this vision everyday for 21 days (apparently the number of days it takes for you to really learn something/commit to memory) and it will help you maintain your focus, and allows you to better serve your orgs community.

I have our "Vision" typed up and hanging on the wall above my computer monitor so I can look up and read it to remind myself of what our overall goals are. With all of the projects that I am working on sometimes I lose focus of what my purpose here is, and this helps. It's kind of cheesy, but I like it!