youth channel progress


It's been awhile since I've done the blog thing....

My progress with starting a youth channel and youth media program at my access center:

slow. slow. and lacking direction. Though on the bright side, i've got good resources, there are several kids interested, some organizations interested in partnering, and promised youth programming on the way.

To start with, I made a list of most of the youth media programs/access centers with youth programs from around the country. If anyone wants that list, let me know.

I contacted individuals from several organizations and recieved some replys. I contacted Appalshop - (super media program and art collective in Appalachia, I think Eastern Kentucky) - and had a phone meeting with the woman who runs their youth media program (Appalachian Media Insititute). She gave some great advice for starting a program - you can't be everything. Geez oh peet that seems so obvious. Here I am, being ideailistic about all the great things a youth media program can do and trying to encororate everything. So I'm working on hashing out some goals, hopeful outcomes and trying to determine the purpose of this youth media channel venture.

As for getting content - that's been another challenge. At media bridges we've got some cute things the summer media camp kids made. And we've got some Media that Matters Film Fest films to play. I've contacted a few organizations to ask for content and nothing too concrete yet.

On the plus side - I went to (super super super site) and they have a youth media section including BAVC and ListenUp! I found a pleasant lil claymation bit called "Pizza Math." I contacted the organization who made it, and they'll be sending me a free dvd of their work! yay! success!

It's going, it's going. Like pudding down a slide.

I hope didin't come off as sounding defeated and all that - I love it here. Go community media!


ps - for any talking heads fans out there, i just heard two great covers - the arcade fire doing home and built to spill covering dream operator from true stories. find it !

Comment from gariet cowin on October 23, 2006 - 6:20pm

Hey, Lauren. Have you contacted anybody at the NYMAP Video Exchange yet? Portland Community Media just signed on with them, to form a five-station youth media exchange thing. The website is still in the works, and we won't get the equipment for a while, but it sounds pretty sweet. I know they aren't accepting any core partners at this time, but you should look into Media Bridges becoming a secondary partner. If you haven't already, you should contact Andrew ( to find out more.

Also, where please may I find these talking heads covers, as I am a big fan of all three bands in question.

Comment from Rebecca White on October 23, 2006 - 6:48pm

yeah, can you point out a place where those covers might be found?

Comment from lauren bratslavsky on October 25, 2006 - 12:40pm

I've contacted Andrew about the digi distr before but nothing concrete has happened yet. I wouldn't mind getting in as a secondary. Media Bridges has some youth produced stuff, but it's not produced on a regular enough basis - I'm working on that. We just got a new digital playback system and we've got servers and satellite thingers and the fast macs, so I'd like to utilize that and join the network.

Thanks for the advice, I'll email him again and ask if I can get in on that.


As for the covers --- those came from torrent sites, so check your favortie file sharing community (i think these came from and if you need an invite, let me know). The built to spill was a show in 2001, I think. And the arcade fire was recent.... david byrne was at the show and did it with them. If you can't get a hold of them, I'll get the torrents up somewhere common or i can just send you a cd. Email me. My bf is working on an obscure covers project, so if you've got any or are interested in the final product let me know. I'm trying to convince to make it into a podcast. wwhewwww. that's a long tangent not related to anything vista like..

Comment from danielle martin on October 27, 2006 - 4:43pm

Hey Lauren,

Last year Nettrice Gaskins presented at the PSO on how to start a youth media program. She's got a guide from the DAY program that she is willing to share by email with CTC VISTAs with lots of great resources. Also, check out the article and resources in the last issue of the ComTechReview here.

There's also (hopefully) going to be a new VISTA starting in January in Atlanta at People's TV doing the same thing you're trying to do (start a youth channel) so I'l connect you guys too.