CTC VISTA role in their organization


I have been having some difficulty explaining my role as a vista and or CTC vista at my organization.  Some of the people working there have ideas of what my job will be that do not fit the vista work description at all.  Last night I attended a meeting and typed up what a Vista is, what a CTC Vista is, and my role in the organization; some people still seemed confused.  Does anybody have any suggestions on how they introduced them selves and made it clear to everyone what there role is in their organization?  I also, mentioned that my part is to capasity build and to make their programs better and stronger.  I know that I will probably have to do direct service, but i need to make it clear that my role is so much more than that. 

Comment from danielle martin on February 2, 2007 - 11:06am

Hey Leena,

Mmmm sorry to hear you're struggling. Was your supervisor(s) any help? Can you make the conference call today at 2pm? It might be a great time to ask some other digital media VISTAs who are working at afterschool centers.

If you can't call in today, I'll give you a call next week.