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How To Pick a Good Candidate for your CTC VISTA Position


It's true.  Most of the CTC VISTAs who apply for projects are fresh college grads.  While there are some folks (Boomers, even some Gen X'ers) who apply, the majority of us are fresh outta college and eager to jump in to our first 'real world' jobs.  But we lack experience.  We're sometimes too idealistic, unpracticed and yes, can need a LOT of support - and not even know how to

CTC VISTA role in their organization


I have been having some difficulty explaining my role as a vista and or CTC vista at my organization.  Some of the people working there have ideas of what my job will be that do not fit the vista work description at all.  Last night I attended a meeting and typed up what a Vista is, what a CTC Vista is, and my role in the organization; some people still seemed confused.  Does anybody have any s

Comment from danielle martin on February 2, 2007 - 11:06am

Hey Leena,

Mmmm sorry to hear you're struggling. Was your supervisor(s) any help? Can you make the conference call today at 2pm? It might be a great time to ask some other digital media VISTAs who are working at afterschool centers.

If you can't call in today, I'll give you a call next week.


My quick intro blog


My name is Karl Hedstrom and I've been working with NTEN (Nonprofit Technology Network) in San Francisco since Ocotober.  I just missed the previous PSO in September so am just now finally getting properly oriented as a CTC VISTA..

Before joining NTEN and the CTC VISTA Project, I served for 27 months in Niger, West Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  My focus there was on community development, but I also delved into several other fields including AIDS awareness, environmental education and small income generation.  This experience allowed me to see first hand the huge impact of technology in the development industry.

From LA> Boston


Well I arrived in Boston for the first time in life last night to a scary 15 degree climate. Cold to many, but from someone raised in LA an experienced 80 degrees on Christmas, this was just flippin ridiculous.-lol You know how your foot tingles when it falls asleep, yeah that's how my whole face felt. I missed my first plane @ 620am from LAX to Salt Lake city but was on my on the 8ish am flight with a lay-over in ATL. Goodness gracious why couldn't I have gone to the pso in Atlanta, would've cut the flight in half. Anywho, I'm havin a ball out here in Boston where the accent is apparent. So many green trees and fresh water is foreign to me. It's like a new concept when you're accustomed to a smog filled road-raged infested city. I have like 1 of the coolest supervisors ever (Martin Cheesebouroh) of The Media Aid Center. Basically we give inner-city High School kids the opportunity to learn and get inolved with the film and media industry. We teach various software & build sound stages & TV studios in schools. In 07 I'm plotting world domination! I'm still at the pso so I've gotta be brief. Who've thought I be so darn chatty with my very first Blog entry ever?? Not Mike, no sir. Gotta run. Ya'll stay tuned.

Comment from Laura Hanley on January 19, 2007 - 11:46am

Hello from down the road in San Diego!   Best of luck this year with your VISTA experience!

~ Laura

Comment from Corey Funderburk on January 19, 2007 - 3:01pm

Ditto on Laura's comment. Welcome back to sunny So-Cal!

NYMAP computer is here!


We finally got our super-sweet computer that we will be using for the NYMAP youth video exchange.  Unfortunately, I got it about 5 minutes before I left for vacation, so it has just been sitting around for the last week.  But now I am back, and ready to put it to good use.  Youth media swapping, here I come!

I'll post another entry when I actually have a chance to try it out, and learn more about the whole exchange process. 

Good morning CTC VISTA Project


Good Morning,

Well, the sun is rising here in Michigan on chilly Friday. My computer is now by the window, so I can look out on the sky, the trees, the road, and the apartment complex office.

You call this poor


I got my first check yesterday. yea it was a little dissapointing. I thought maybe i would be better off as a migrant worker lol. The work is good. i'm not sure why i only recieved $85. Anyway i lived off less. after all i wasnt working for the whole summer. hopefully the nearby shelter  will supply me with dinner until the next check.

o yea my organization is fundraising and wants me to ask you guys for donations. but please send cash because i cant claim anything else on my taxes, i mean THEY cant claim anything on their taxes. so send your money to: 
                                          help feed Will foundation
                                           357 9st 
                                            Brooklyn NY 11215

Comment from Richard T. Anderson on September 27, 2006 - 1:25pm

Will, the checks we just got are only for two days, because the pay period was Aug 29 to Sept 11th and we all started on the 8th. So, Paul said we'd get 20% of our regular checks. mine was only $75 and due to me giving Paul the wrong number for my account I haven't gotten it yet.

Our next check will be on October 9th and should be much better, if still not a lot.

Here's the payroll schedule: http://www.ctcvista.org/forms/payroll_schedule



Comment from Rebecca White on September 27, 2006 - 7:04pm

Man, that's bad. I haven't worked all summer either, so this check is all I have... but I was lucky: my relocation allowance was tied in. It's paying my rent this month. Hope it works out for you.