Digital Media Group Updates March


The Digital Media group had a great call last Friday around finding, developing and sharing curricula for digital media programs.  We're aiming to share as much as possible on the CTC VISTA wiki page <> and shoot more proprietary stuff to each other by email.  Kevin and AJ also added a bunch of new pages so check out the Digital Media section for more content!

The next conference call is scheduled for Friday April 13th at 2pm EST.

Here's the individual updates...

•    AJ (HOME Inc) -big screening/presentation in front of whole school of youth work, congrats!;
•    Colleen - moved to CTC VISTA Project HQ to work on outreach, communications, and the CTC VISTA wiki
•    Dan (Pui Tak Center) – created templates for org newsletter, annual report, and website.
•    Derek (Phillips Community Television) – workshop on graphic design and logo development for high school youth (9 weeks long, 1 day week); created new website for PCTV in Drupal (interested in Drupal working group); working with Youth Media Network trying to step up more community outreach, so working on marketing and coordination for the fall screening; might work on manual for youth program on a starter manual for new youth
•    Elisha (TINCAN) - first tasks included updating documentation from former VISTA; working on a new grant to extend the current program to work with small town museums to digitize their collections, get it online, and create videos about themselves; working with community outreach to get more contributors for the History website; outreach to History teachers in the area
•    Gariet (Portland Community Television/OLLIE) - still implementing OLLIE program with schools and working on Youth Video Exchange Network video sharing (with some technical difficulties with format)
•    Jessica (CDS) - ongoing mentoring of a youth project; learning to communicate with community partners (listening skills);
•    Julie (BNN) - teaching herself Audience software (for community billboards) and working on Roxbury studio programs to train the youth to use the software.
•    Kevin (HOME Inc.) - applying for C4All grant to hire a consultant to upgrade school's technology centers for accessibility and do data research; created organizational handbook for HOME Inc (lots of project management and strategic planning experience)
•    Lashanda (Benton Harbor African Arts and Culture Council) - working with Helen Mitchell, the Executive Director, whose working with one of the local community newspapers, to add newspaper and journalism to the after school program
•    Leena (YMCA of Greater Boston) - getting oriented into afterschool program and working with current staff to integrate more technology into current programs; implementing Kinetic City curriculum (science and engineering projects); looking for more formal curriculum structure formats
•    Mike (The Media Aid Center) - working on Media Aid Center community kiosks in the community and putting microphones for audio recording.
•    Naomi (OTXWest) - helping out with updating the website; added stuff to curriculum for classes; getting more digital media elements into existing programs; Project Soar summer program with schools doing digital storytelling
•    Ramon (The Media Aid Center) - making phone calls to organizations for outreach, field trips, potential volunteers, and new members; working on camera angles curriculum for summer program and how to set up a green screen
•    Ray (Computers4Kids) - starting to think about life after vista (degree in engineering); set up new machines from Dell; attendance for workshops is getting better; plans to spend last couple months to sit down to crank out instructor manuals;
•    Renae (Pink House) - working on a online radio show with youth, with volunteers/ local celebrities from the neighborhood (through; will send me an update.
•    Richard (Grand Rapids Community Media Center) - working on a United Way grant for the MOLLIE program; the GRMC as a whole is fundraising to support the whole center and also to recruit youth for summer program to do video about community; looking for audio curriculum for a class
•    Shaneka (Westside Youth Technical Entrepreneur Center) - was supposed to the ICCN Manager's training this week but flights got canceled; still doing the video production/music; connecting with middle school; Illinois Inst of Tech Women's month program for girls with HD cameras to do interviews with different generations of women and the video that was produced was played at a cultural event;
•    Tony (Boys & Girls Clubs of the East Valley, AZ) - going to a WTEA Wisconsin Tech Ed March 26th; a bunch of tech events like an awards banquet, tech field trip to CA (need to raise money); still writing grants for new furniture from IKEA donation request from local store;