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Digital Media Group Updates March


The Digital Media group had a great call last Friday around finding, developing and sharing curricula for digital media programs.  We're aiming to share as much as possible on the CTC VISTA wiki page <> and shoot more proprietary stuff to each other by email.  Kevin and AJ also added a bunch of new pages so check out the Digital Media section for more content!

Digital Media Updates (Call 01/26 - Working with Youth)


This new year brings on a new phase of me being behind on getting y'all together, but here's to New Year's resolutions! I'll be starting the individual check-in calls tomorrow and hope we can schedule the next conference call for Friday, January 26th at 2pm EST. At the last call, we had a guest speaker, which seemed to work out well. There was talk of focusing our next call on youth development and tips for engaging youth in media projects. I'll try to get a guest speaker but let me know if there's anything specific you're willing to share with the group.