Summer activities at Egleston Y


Hey everyone,
Thought I would update for the summer. At the Egleston Square YMCA we are having a camp for the after school program children. I am offering a Creative Writing curriculum that I wrote myself for about 6-10 kids; I included digital storytelling. Basically this curriculum lets the kids explore different ways of telling a story. We will write poetry, short stories, fiction or non-fiction, since they are kind of young the short stories will be more like picture books. Then we will do the digital stories. I am thinking about just having the while group do one digital story because it might be a little too much for each person to do their own. What do you think?

Also, for the school age kids i will start a math club. I have been collecting math resources and websites in our delicious website. I have a lot of colorful math games to do and work sheets.

For the Teen Center I am providing a 6 week Media Literacy workshop called Media Minds, established through the YWCA.

The Open Access at the computer lab is getting a slow start, but there is one lady that comes in who wants to have computer lessons, so i teach her Excel and basic computer skills.
So, lots of educational goodness and fun is happening this summer!