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Field Report for Marion Duignan - August 2009


Time is flying so fast, I can't believe it!

New Mexico is absolutely beautiful and I love where I live and all the people I'm meeting and working with.

In the merry, merry month of May...


I wrapped up a 20-week long after-school outreach I’ve been teaching at an elementary school. I worked with two groups of students: the older group made a documentary about the experiences of their classmates who have moved to the U.S. from other countries, and the younger group made a collection of short instructional videos on topics of their choice (drawing, making a paper airplane, counting to ten in Japanese, making farting noises with your armpit, etc.).

Summer activities at Egleston Y


Hey everyone,

Danielle on TV! on CCTV's Critical Focus


Critical Focus logoCheck out my appearance on a panel about changing the media on Cambridge's cable access station, CCTV Critical Focus

Youth Development


Tips for Teaching

cool documentary that i think digital media folks working with youth might like to see...


as a vista in the city i am alway looking out for free and interesting events. the public library in san francisco is pretty amazing at showing free films a couple of times per month and last night i had the pleasure of checking out the awesome documentary by Byron Hurt entitled " Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes." The documentary take as in-depth look at masculinity, misogyny, violence and homophobia within mainstream hip hop music and culture. although i thought the analysis could have run a bit deeper, the film makes a point to trace the interconnections of white supremacy, racism, homophobia, sexism and capitalism. and not only that, there are appearances by 50cent, mos def, fat joe and a bunch of other famous artists.

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Looks cool. But next Tuesday is definitely not Feb 20th. Will put it on the calendar though!


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Thanks for posting this Brittney. looks good, and I can't wait to check it out

Digital Media Group - November Updates


Sorry for the delay, but here’s the notes from the last Digital Media group call on November 3rd.  As a whole, a lot of our conversation centered on the challenges of working with youth media projects, such as lack of equipment, youth motivation, developing handouts and guides.  Subsequently, AJ followed up by volunteering to gather any curriculum and handouts people are willing to share.  [Check out the archives of the discussion list at] In future calls, we plan to center on topics such as web design techniques (Dreamweaver or Drupal), video editing help and youth development. Our next call is scheduled for Friday, December 15th at 2pm EST.

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Wow, I'm included in the minutes of a "meeting" that I missed.

Well, I'm still plugging away. How you had a nice Holiday.



My Letter to John Mayer...I'm Not Waiting


John Mayer by Susheela ( Mr. Mayer,

I've been a fan of your songwriting and style for quite a while. I've persisted in this admiration even in the face of people calling you a "sell-out", your experimentation with new genres, and your screaming female co-ed fan base. Many times, I've marveled on how well you articulated moments of behavior and feelings around growing as a post college adult and finding a purpose in the world. I tend to actually pay for your albums and listen to what you have to say, as do millions of other people. In this way, I've become a consumer of both your goods and your philosophy.

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I love this post!


Stick it to 'im, hot stuff.

Media Literacy on the Streets (of Boston)


by Colleen Kelly

You would think creating a new media literacy series would be easy enough. There are enough of them out there. Thus, when I was asked as a brand new VISTA to create a new media literacy curriculum for Project: Think Different, I figured I would just quote some Noam Chomsky and maybe throw in some media statistics and get something at least presentable together. The task seemed simple.

Media Literacy / Education


Media literacy is basically the "ability to “access, analyse, evaluate and use” media." (Wikipedia).  Many non-profit digital media programs find it essential to incorporate media literacy components into their workshops and programs, but what's the best approach?  Are there free curriculum available out there for CTC VISTAs to use?  Does it make sense to teach media literacy to CTC VISTAs themselves?

Here's the ideas generated during the brainstorming at the Fall '06 PSO around this topic: