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Month 9: Curriculum & Program Development


Through March-April, a very intense month, I guided several initiatives to create new training programs for youth and adults, to build volunteer activities at the IMC, and to make general improvements to our facilities.

Let's Try This Again!


Last week as I sat and I wrote, I was so impressed by the new set up to go with my brand new second term and so I added the picture and wa-la everything went away. So here I am again going to bring you up on what's been happening with Renae.

Back in April a group of us went to conference in Baltimore hosted by NeighborWorks. - A Site for Organizing Communities


Here are a few GREAT resources for developing communities online and connecting and organizing constituents to each other.

For a small monthly fee, you can set up an online community that regularly meets offline for all sorts of topics and interests. This is an invaluable solution for capacity building at your project.

Benefits include:



  • shared filing system
  • And The Beat Goes On!


    Hi everyone,

    Hey Pink House, say what!

    Well the kids at the Pink House continue to amaze me with their dedication to the programs hosted there.

    They are growing leaps and bounds due to the different programs offered here at the Neighborhood Resource Center. I can honestly say I can see this community beginning to embrace the PINK HOUSE in their community. Dondre and Darius Simmons presented a service learning project called Zig the Pig to the Ardmore/Sherwood Forest neighborhood association on last month. They are the get this ZIG Ambassadors for the project representing two schools ( St. Andrews Middle and Stono Park Elementary).They are also my newphews (oh I'm just so proud of how far they've come since they came here!) This is a first in the history of the community to have children as a part of the community meeting. Check out the first video we made!

    What is An Community Portal?


    Community portals are now emerging as a new industry in cyberspace as Internet access spreads throughout the country. Their growth is likely to increase significantly over the next few years. The Community Network movement of the early 1990's failed in large part because there was no source of ongoing financial support. Now that businesses at every level are using the Internet as a marketing tool, it becomes possible to build a community portal around local advertising. which won GoldenWeb awards in 2003 and 2004 describes itself as Long Beach’s retail business portal and charges $850 a year for banner ads on the site. Just as advertising has been key to the success of local newspapers, so it will be for community portals.

    Yet if there is a weakness in many of these emerging portals, it lies in the area of democracy. It is reasonable to expect a strong community portal to include at least one well-organized page that citizens could use to gain easy access to the web resources that they need. Such a page would include the following:

    Editorial: Organizing LOCALLY Online


    When I became aware of the Internet in the early 1990's, after more than 30 years of involvement in social movements and politics-- it was clear to me that this new technology would have a profound impact on community and political organizing at every level of this society.

    Organizing Using New Technologies/Media


    What are some ways to organize or advocate for your non-profit organization or cause by using new media and/or technologies?

    1. MySpace [to manage volunteers/fundraise.] - see Tech Soup article "How to Use MySpace to Raise Awareness"

    Introduction to Community Organizing


    Most of us will be entering into new communities and workplaces where we will have to undergo some sort of community organizing to accomplish the tasks on our VAD. This post hopefully can act as a starting point as we try and reach out to our new communities.

    Happy New Year and All That Jazz! Jingle,Jingle,Jingle!


    Happy New year everyone. I hope everyone had a happy New Year. My new year is as busy as my end of the year events were. First let me say that the Pink House kids are great. The staff I'm working with are great. My supervisor is great and as busy as I am. We just recently got 20 Dell computers from a group who wanted to give our kids computers for Christmas. This is the second group that has donated computers to our kids. A local group in our area also gave our kids some great christmas gifts. We are offering a webcasting class to the children and parents in our community. We also had a group donate some dictionaries to our kids.

    Comment from danielle martin on January 10, 2007 - 12:16am

    Tell me more of this new service project using all the cool new media tools...what kinds of software are you going to use? are you writing up any resources/handouts I could nab for some fellow VISTAs and my ol' friends at the Computer Clubhouses?

    oh and do you have any photos/videos from the webcasting class or the breakfast?