"If we are together nothing is impossible. If we are divided all will fail"


Great News just came our way, here at Quote...Unquote, Inc!

A major part of what I have been doing, and continue to do is raise community awareness around who we are as an organization, what we do and how other organizations can partner with QUQ to further enhance community alliance & promote their own organizational mission to the greater community.

Month 5: Independence + Collaboration = Success


The past month was probably the most successful for my VISTA project so far. While this was due in no small part to the groundwork of the previous months, over the course of only the last few weeks I trained (trainers and students), recruited volunteers, made new community contacts, and produced media.

Last Three Months


So I'm in my last three months here as a VISTA, things are really winding down. It's a lot different being on my own, the other VISTA Kevin ended his VISTAship 2 months ago but he had been working here pro-bono until he found a job (he just got one as of last week as a community development planner for the Human Services Alliance).

Amazing opportunity -- FREE Computer Summer Camp for girls in grades 10-12


Hey Guys, those of you are working with youth users of community technology centers, -- Microsoft is offering a free computer summer camp for girls in grades 10-12. Unfortunately, it's not being held in Miami, Florida (where I am) but the camps are being held in:
Charlotte, NC
Chicago, IL
Fargo, ND
Las Colinas, TX - A Site for Organizing Communities


Here are a few GREAT resources for developing communities online and connecting and organizing constituents to each other.

For a small monthly fee, you can set up an online community that regularly meets offline for all sorts of topics and interests. This is an invaluable solution for capacity building at your project.

Benefits include:



  • shared filing system
  • Youth Entrepreneurs Shine in Chicago


    Illinois Institute for Entrepreneurship Education hosted the 2007 Youth Entrepreneurship Conference from May 3 -5, 2007 at the Lincolnshire Marriot Resort.  Youth throughout the Midwest attended this grand event to showcase their businesses and to compete for monies to promote and expand their companies.  Opportunities were also granted for youth to sell products or services in the Expo. The innovation of young minds was evident with businesses ranging from custom auto parts to Caribbean Cuisine. IIEE provided youth the chance to show everyone what they got in accordance with the event’s theme.

    Spread the word...May digital storytelling training


    Room Full of Storytellers (front) You're invited to a unique opportunity to combine hands-on multimedia training and community program capacity building. The program is called Spreading the Stories (sponsored by MassIMPACT) and it's a 3 full day hands-on workshop where you'll create a digital story and discuss how to implement it in your own organizations. The workshop will be held at the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center on May 1, 8, & 9th from 9-5pm (with an orientation on Friday April 27th from 10-12noon).

    Community Map-builder


    I can across an application that allows for community built apps.  I'm considering its appropriateness for some of the mapping functionality for CUWiN. 

    Just how smart IS your rural community?


    Just How Smart IS Your Rural Community?

    Creating People-Centered Community Knowledge Networks

    Community Networking Definitions


    Globally, we’re seeing the simultaneous realization that opportunities exist for sharing best practices regarding motivating and training citizens in the use of Internet collaborative tools and their most efficient applications. Producing self-directed Internet learners with employability skills to reduce poverty is our challenge, as well as promoting effective global citizenship.